Who Are We?

Proceutica has been working in collaboration with international pharmaceutical companies since 2008 offering innovative treatments.
Proceutica’s main area of interest are orphan drugs and treatments for rare diseases.

Our Aim

Our aim is to make a difference in patients’ lives . We work hard towards fulfilling their unmet medical needs and always adhere to our high ethical standards.

Our Values

  • Trust: We operate  in open and honest relationship with all our stakeholders. Our promises are indispensable. We work hard to succeed.
  • Solution Oriented: With our innovative approaches, we know the value of making a difference in patients' lives and act accordingly.
  • Team Spirit and Commitment: Our respect and righteousness towards human life bonds us together creating an entrepreneurial spirit that enlightens  our path

Our quality policy

It is the responsibility of every employee in our company to provide quality products to patients.
Quality management processes are improved at every stage, from production to patient use.
Our quality management system is organized to measure and ensure the sustainability of the established quality targets for each product.
As senior management, we observe the suitability of the quality management system for its purpose, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality management system and try to develop and improve our employees continuously.

Message from our Chairman of the Board

“Proceutica started its journey  in 2008 by introducing treatments that made a difference in the lives of patients. Our years of experience and successful collaborations have enabled us to play an important role in the Turkish market with products that make a difference to the lives of patients as we always dream of.

Based on our high ethical standards and strong sense of responsibility, it  is  our  primary duty to uphold the needs of society and our stakeholders to the best of our ability.”

Gülce Belgin